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You’re right
Everyone else is wrong
Win Facebook debates with Duelify.


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- To win an argument, you need to be prepared and have your arguments and sources ready in one place.

- We often have read something, but forget the details, dates, or sources when it comes to the debate.

- Remember that interesting paragraph you forgot to write down and never found it again?


Sign up options

1) Duelify gives you a private template to fill in your arguments.

Capturing your mood

2) Insert your relevant source links to support your claim.

Advice on public posts

3) You can even insert slices of a YouTube video inside your page to support your argument.

Advice via chat from psychologist

4) Organise your pages by hashtags, so you can find the relevant page quickly when you need it again.

State of mind

5) You can keep your page private for your reference, or snap-share it one time off with a particular user or even make your page completely public for everyone to see.

Reflection on your feelings

6) Build up your private library full of exciting multimedia pieces put together. Safely keep your notes of interesting books, blogs and articles.

Sign Up For Early Access

Duelify is currently in development and will be released first to the subscribers.

If you want to be the first to use the app for free, sign up here:

Meet the Developer

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Duelify is the brainchild of Houman Khorasani, a developer who has worked for Google and latterly as a Solution Architect in pharmaceuticals to find ways to speed up clinical trials.

As a spare-time historian, he is very keen on getting the facts straight during his religious and historical debates. Hence the need for such an app came naturally to him.